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Using SVORT for identification

Biometrics identification recognizes a person through the facial image. It enables users to open a bank account or sign up in a sharing service or perform any other action that requires identification without leaving home.

It is advantageous to both users and businesses as biometrics identification cuts expenses, reduces the time of customer service, prevents fraud, automates business processes and increases profit.
We have described 3 unobvious ways to extract use from the technology. Read on to learn how it can boost your business and save resources.

How does SVORT perform identification?

The neural network learns to identify people and performs the action needed like opening a door or providing access or confirming identity, etc. SVORT operates not on a person’s image but on his biometrics data that actually is a depersonalized anonymous biometrics key.

The infallible liveness detection saves users from being counterfeited. In terms of biometrics, liveness detection is the computer’s ability to determine whether it interacts with a human being. Although our liveness detection tests excellent we reiterate that its efficiency also depends on hardware characteristics like computer or webcam specifics, depth sensors in the camera, etc.

United with a special neural network algorithm and biometrics liveness detection prevents spoofing and makes SVORT invulnerable for forgery of identity. Click here for more details on how SVORT provides its users with security.

The most efficient ways of identification implementations

Here at SVORT, we can perform any case using identification. Actually, SVORT is software development kit (SDK). It is the set of tools that enables us to build a custom solution that can be successfully adapted for any existing software and requirements. The most demanded cases are the following.

Physical access by face

This option is available for both customers and employees. Use physical access by face for the following purposes:

  • to replace traditional keys, passes, and magnetic card keys;
  • to control the time of arrival and leave of employees;
  • to limit access to certain premises;
  • to prevent strangers’ from entering the building.

Replacing traditional keys and passes with identification system increases turnstiles capacity and prevents troubles for forgotten, lost or stolen keys. This is how the identification of employees works:

  • SVORT is integrated into the current system of video surveillance and turnstiles;
  • employees continue to use the adopted methods of gaining access to the office;
  • meanwhile the neural network remembers employees and learns to recognize them;
  • in a couple of days, the SVORT will open the turnstile or door in front of the identified employee even before he can even pull out the key from his pocket, which he actually no longer needs.

Here it is explained in detail why your business needs the IAM system. By the way, SVORT can be used not only for controlling physical access to buildings/premises but also for access to workstations or certain programs/services/etc.

Such measures taken would prevent data breaches and protect sensitive business data. Details on the use of SVORT as an additional security factor within MFA are written here.

Customers recognition

Identification can bring your business the following benefits:

  • to identify VIPs and other customers;
  • to notify receptionists when VIPs or other identified customers enter the building/office/shop/etc.;
  • to replace loyalty cards;
  • to collect and analyze data.

Improving customer service with identification SVORT also improves internal business processes providing due to data analytics. The last point implies a wide range of functions so it is worthy to discuss it separately.

Identification for analytics

A business must know its customers to develop and apply a development strategy successfully. SVORT provides you with the following information:

  • Who are your customers?
  • How often do they need your services?
  • What time and what days of the week do they usually come to you?
  • How much time do they spend in your place?
  • Do they leave satisfied or disappointed (possible if the emotion recognition system is integrated)?

For these purposes SVORT performs the following actions:

  • learn to identify your customers;
  • control the time they come and leave;
  • count how many time do they spend in your place;
  • collect and analyze this data providing you with access to analytics.

The emotion recognition system can be integrated into SVORT to improve the quality of service. It will also help the business owner analyze what exactly affects the level of customer satisfaction.

Once the data is collected, your task is only to interpret it correctly and make a decision that will benefit your customers while improving the business.

Our neural-biometrics access management system can be applied not only for identification but in a variety of other ways. Tell us about your business, and we will tell you how SVORT can automate processes, enhance services, save resources, and boost your enterprise.

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