We aim high.

We believe that biometrics will eliminate password, be truly anonymous and used universally to access any service. Today, biometrics is too insecure as the database with your face could be stolen and then sold in the dark net. We tried to find genuine solution, but did not succeed. That is why we have created it ourselves. Neural-biometrics is completely different approach, where no photo or video with you is used or sent.

Our Approach.
Everything we do is based on privacy by design and security by design.
Our Slogan.
You Are The Key. Lose Nothing, Secure Everything.

Our stellar team.

Eugene Mintsevich

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Valery Vashkinel

Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Geray Yusifov

Founder, Business Development (BizDev)

Vasili Pavlov

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Siarhei Siryska

Operating Manager of R&D Office

Viktor Shulgat

Lead Neural-biometrics Developer

Dmitry Buhanov

Lead Application Developer

Aliaksandr Asianenka

Lead DevSecOps Engineer

Kristina Margulec

Head of Communications

Feel the difference.

SVORT modules can be combined to meet any security and analytics needs. Let us know about your case, and we will tell how SVORT can be good for you.

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