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Using SVORT for authentication

SVORT can be used as an extra security factor within MFA or as a separate authentication tool providing users with passwordless access. This article covers in detail in which fields and how SVORT can be applied and which problems it solves. You will learn what kinds of authentication are provided by SVORT and how it improves users’ experience along with increasing security

Using SVORT as an extra security factor within MFA

SVORT replaces outdated authentication methods. We have gone from habitual MFA ways to using users’ faces as anonymous biometric keys. It is only needed to complete registration just once on a single device. After that, you will be able to use SVORT for getting access to your favorite resources and services that are compatible with U2F on any other device.

Here you can check whether a website supports U2F. SVORT can be used as the second security factor for authentication on any of these resources.

Using SVORT as a separate authentication tool

SVORT can be either a separate authentication tool. It is possible when use a batch solution from SVORT for business. The neural-biometrics access management system replaces outdated authentication methods providing employees with passwordless access to their workstations, premises or the whole office building.

What kinds of authentication SVORT provides its users with?

SVORT performs 2 types of authentication: regular and ongoing.

Regular authentication

Regular authentication performs getting access to something through the identity confirmation process when you log in. The camera scans a user’s face and if the person is the one he pretends to be the system grants him access. Embedded liveness detection prevents spoofing attacks employing photos, videos, and masks.

Nostranger would get access to your data even if he possesses the password as he is required to pass the liveness detection challenge along with using a biometric anonymous key as an additional security factor. I.e. fraudsters have to obtain your password and biometrics and make a video to try to bypass liveness detection. But a biometric key can not perform its functions without its owner presence in front of the camera and liveness detection completion so even being stolen it will keep your data safe.

Continuous/ongoing authentication

This kind implies initiative authentication and the following monitoring of the user’s identity. Ongoing authentication performs in two ways: explicit challenge or hidden monitoring.

For explicit challenge popups with a request are used. You can be asked to turn your head, smile, raise your eyebrow, etc. During hidden monitoring no popups or notifications appear, it works in the background.

Imagine that you need to protect your computer from anyone but you do now want to switch it off every time you leave your workspace for a couple of minutes. Using SVORT you can get access to your computer and during your work, the system periodically tracks whether it is you in front of the web camera. If you stand up and leave and another person takes your seat that the system will prohibit using the computer until you are back and your face is in front of the camera.

Where SVORT can be applied and which problems it can resolve in each domain?

SVORT can be used in literally any system and field that requires authentication of users or clients. Our solution performs more precisely and efficiently than any other. Here is hardly a complete list of fields that would benefit from the SVORT use in both business and customer service.

Any website compatible with U2F

As we mentioned above using your face as a biometric key is far more convenient and safe than regular MFA methods. All you need is to check whether a certain website supports U2F. You can use SVORT extension for authentication on all these websites.


Using SVORT to protect corporate data prevents data breaches as according to statistics 90% of data breaches occur due to human error or behavior. If you still assign responsibility for corporate data security on your employees you should start using MFA instead of putting your trust in the luck. Here you can learn why your enterprise needs a strong MFA tool.

Gambling/betting/gaming platforms

Or any other resources and services that are not allowed to users under 18. In this field, SVORT resolves the problem of granting access to users under a required age preventing possible lawsuits from parents and protecting the gambling/betting/whatever else platform.

From a user’s perspective, SVORT improves users’ experience by granting access faster and easier than other authentication methods.


In the e-payments area, SVORT is the guarantor of a user’s intention to perform a transaction. It prevents accidental transactions and fraudulent withdrawals from accounts. Even if the device is stolen and passwords from e-payment systems and bank accounts are known to frauds it is impossible to bypass SVORT.

Carsharing services

No carsharing business owner wants a driver without the license to drive his car. It could result in a broken car at best and in a multi-victim traffic accident at worst. Only verified users who have drivers license are supposed to be allowed to use carsharing but there is nothing stopping people without licenses to use someone else’s account. Camera in the cabin makes use if it is needed to identify a driver but it can not prevent troubles as the person without the driver’s license is already in the driver’s seat.

SVORT being integrated into the set camera in cars can monitor the driver’s identity through hidden ongoing authentication. No one except for verified users with driver’s license can get the car started.


Neural-biometrics access management system can be successfully applied by both health service staff and patients. SVORT saves time for health service staff providing them with passwordless and fast access to their computers, workstations, and hospital facilities.

And patients can use SVORT for getting medicines in pharmacies without concern about losing prescription. Such an approach also excludes the possibility of buying medicines by someone these medicines are not prescribed to.

Banking sector

Imagine that you do not need to bring with you documents to withdraw cash or open a bank account or get access to a storage locker. Your face is the only ID card you need. Sooner or later such an approach will supplant the traditional ID cards for getting access to bank services, lower the risk of fraud and decrease operational costs for banks along with improving customers’ service.

SVORT can be successfully integrated into literally any field that implies customers’ and users’ authentication. It can improve users’ experience along with cutting the cybersecurity costs.

If you are interested in using SVORT for personal purposes please leave a request on our website and we will send you our demo. If you would like to try SVORT for business we have an SDK that can be adapted for any kind of enterprise yet you can ask for a free demo that you can use as individual.

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