SVORT Liveness.

With SVORT Liveness Detection, authentication is fast, easy and entirely invulnerable to spoofing attacks on any device. During registration, SVORT creates an anonymous 3D model of the user's face and reconciles it to a personal neural network. When the user needs to get access, his identity and liveness are confirmed. Each authentication trains the neural network incrementally making recognition even faster time after time.

How it works


What is Liveness Detection?

In terms of biometrics, liveness detection is the device's ability to determine whether it interacts with a human being. Svort enables the camera to understand whether it is a live person which physically present in front of it.


Anti-Spoofing Face Live Detection.

Neither photo nor video and mask can override SVORT Liveness. SVORT can be used on any ordinary web cameras for liveness detection, 3D-face map building, and emotional challenges, i.e. there is no need to buy special equipment.

Security can be further increased with the cameras that have special modules. The depth tracking sensor can determine the volume of the image making photo and video spoofing almost impossible and the infrared sensor can prevent mask spoofing as it tracks the face heat map. This is possbile with special AI processing developed by SVORT.


How it works.

  • During registration we create the parametric 3D model of your face through rotational challanges.
  • The neural network learns to reconcile this 3D model with a specific key or password.
  • When a user passes authentication, you are invited to complete a set of random challenges with billions of possible combinations, i.e. making prediction impossible.

Feel the difference.

SVORT makes its Liveness Detection available for testing. Please, fill in the form to get the link.

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