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Using SVORT for verification

Apart from authentication, SVORT’s cutting-edge technologies can be successfully adopted for verification. Using SVORT it is possible to make sure online that a user is definitely the person he pretends to be and to prove his identity unmistakably. Read on to learn how our technologies enable both businesses and users to save time replacing traditional verification methods and in which areas would only benefit from implementing online verification.

In this era of data breaches and tampering, user verification is essential. It is necessary to prevent fraud, tampering documents, and violations against ordinary users. Drawing credits, illegal actions online, transferring property, and other types of fraud can be done on the Internet using somebody else’s documents.

The main challenge of verification is to prevent violations and protect users whose identities were used for fraudulent purposes.

And up until recently, verification implied the physical presence of a person carrying documents to office building or bank branch, etc. As an alternative, it is possible to use a scanned copy of an ID or to make a Skype call. The first point is unreliable as it is not difficult to falsify a scanned ID. The second one is time-consuming and a bit irritating. So it makes sense that such formal processes transfer to online because usually, users have neither the inclination nor the time to go somewhere to pass verification.

How to use SVORT for verification, and what role does liveness detection have in this process?

The main purpose of SVORT within verification is to make sure that the human on that side of the connection is the very that person he pretends to be and to detect spoofing employing photo, video, or mask. For this purpose, the verifier sends a request for receiving the user’s ID to the local government institution, or the user himself sends a scanned ID to the verifier.

Then SVORT compares the photo on ID with the image of the person who is passing the verification.

Due to liveness detection, SVORT is invulnerable to spoofing, which means fraudsters are not able to use someone else’s documents for malicious purposes as they won’t pass liveness detection.

Here it is explained in detail how liveness detection works.

Why use SVORT for verification?

Transfer to online verification saves businesses’ resources. Using specific software reduces staffing costs as online verification does not require a special employee. SVORT also helps to ease overburdened employees involved in this process along with their standard responsibilities.

Your customers will also appreciate this as they won’t have to find time for visiting your office and sitting in lines. All they need is to provide you with their ID and pass neural-biometrics scanning in SVORT. Besides, SVORT does not store any sensitive data neither on devices nor servers making the security architecture invulnerable.

What industries would benefit from using SVORT for verification?

Online verification can entirely eradicate offline one and provide benefits to all industries implying user verification.

  • Banks
    Banks can apply SVORT to enable their customers to open accounts remotely, mortgages, and other operations. Remote interaction with customers will ease overcrowded bank branches and therefore increase the quality of service and customer loyalty.
  • Age-restricted industries
    SVORT can bring benefits to age-restricted industries as it helps to verify the user’s age and therefore protects the reputation of businesses involved in such industries. Using SVORT guarantees that only allowed persons will become your customers.
  • E-payments systems
    Using SVORT for registration in e-payment systems will automate business processes saving money and time. It will also prevent the creation of multiple accounts and fraudsters.

The main challenges of online verification are preventing frauds, automating business processes, increasing customer loyalty due to convenient service, and cutting operational expenses. SVORT copes with each one. Please visit our website to know more about SVORT’s features.

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