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Touch-free: not a trend but market disruptor

Epidemics trigger the world’s response no less than wars impacting and changing people’s ways of life. It was outbreaks of different diseases that taught humanity to wash hands, clean foods thoroughly, and deal with pests in the yards. Now it is time to get used to cover our mouths when sneezing or coughing, stop touching faces and implement touch-free technologies wherever it is possible to protect people from touching dirty surfaces.

CDC recommends us to stay at home, wash our hands, and disinfect surfaces thoroughly. Pandemic will stop sooner or later but humanity will never be the same again. The new habits like sanitizing hands and avoiding touching surfaces in public places will remain with us for the rest of our lives. That is why those who are able to provide their customers with touch-free experience will succeed. Implementation of contactless interactions and interfaces is a trend that gaining momentum right now, so enterprises will have to adapt or lose customers and reputation.

Where touch-free technology can be implemented?

It can be used literally in any process that implies the user’s authentication or identification. The idea is to replace traditional meanings of performing some actions to touch-free technology without touching surfaces. For example, open doors, check out at the counter, confirm the identity, etc.

Why humanity will apply touch-free technologies widely? Actually, there are just 2 reasons: it is convenient and it is safe. Pandemic has exposed deficiencies of the existing tools. Imagine how many people have already touched a fingerprint scanner by the moment you need to place your thumb on it? It has never been safe but in the circumstances of the global pandemic, it is even less safe than ever. Replacing outdated methods of getting access like traditional keys, cards, documents, and passes with users’ faces opens new vistas in terms of usability and user-friendliness.

How does Svort perform touch-free within access management?

Svort combines biometrics, neural network, and liveness detection to provide users with touch-free access to their offices, homes, premises, buildings, and workstations. It can be used for payment, identity confirmation, getting access, verification, registration, and whatever else. All necessary hardware is a system of video surveillance or even a single camera. Svort scans the user’s face then recognizes its biometric features and therefore performs the action needed.

Note that there are no special requirements for cameras so Svort can be integrated into any existing video security system. It is possible due to its flexibility and the certain algorithms of users’ recognition that identify people by some biometrics features of their faces and grants users access in less than a second.

  • Imagine that you do not need to bring with you documents as your face is the only ID card you need.
  • You also will not have to use card keys to get access to office as Svort integrated into the existing security system will recognize and grant you access even before you get your card key out of the bag.
  • And you won’t even have to use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to check out at the counter as your face can serve as a credit card.

There are many ways to implement Svort to provide your clients and employees with passwordless and touch-free access to whatever. If you want to know more check this article, it covers in detail how exactly Svort performs users’ recognition and why it is safe and fast. And this one demonstrates that Svort successfully recognizes even half-covered faces what is especially important now when we all have to protect ourselves with masks.

Now it is pretty clear that we’d better avoid touching surfaces in public places to prevent disease spreading through human-to-surface contacts. Facial recognition technology makes it possible, but how to implement it in places like airports that need to perform huge bandwidth? The trick is that a correctly selected tool will not only not slow down the established processes, but also accelerate them along with improving people’s safety. Stay in touch, we will soon tell you how to use Svort to identify and verify passengers at airports to improve services, optimize processes and increase aviation safety.If you want to know more on how Svort can perform the touch-free trend within authentication and identification solutions, please drop us a line on [email protected]. Take care now and let’s stay in touch: LinkedInFacebookTwitter, Medium.

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